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Dr. J. B. Ndohvu, Programme Coordinator

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I wish to warmly welcome you to the Centre for Human Rights and Peace of the University of Nairobi, Kenya. The Centre offers human rights and peace education (HRPE) at various levels such as at undergraduate and masters levels. It is one of the pioneer institutions for higher learning in HRPE in the East African region. It is, indeed, the first Centre in the region to offer a Masters degree in human rights, and more so to offer it from a multidisciplinary perspective. Other institutions of higher learning offered human rights education as law-based; while others still offer HRPE as individual course units in Departments such as Law, Political Science and History; and even then often as elective course units.

The  Centre was established to promote a holistic HRPE. Thus, it focuses on engaging HRPE in a multidisciplinary manner, which has made the Centre stand out from many similar institutions. In contrast to institutions offering human rights and peace education from a legalistic perspective, the Centre chose not to minimize the crucial role played by cultural, value and ideological dimensions of human rights which is pertinent to the full appreciation and understanding of human rights.

The Centre cherishes many programmatic successes in HRPE which include a Common course in human rights, partnerships, short courses, attachment, lecturer/student exchange, joint research, internship, the Master of Arts degree in human rights, and capacity building support. It draws staff from the various departments, schools and institutes of the University of Nairobi, including the school of law, faculty of arts, institute of diplomacy and international studies, school of economics, and the institute of anthropology, gender and African studies. 

Students, staff, alumni and visitors to the Centre benefit from the reputation, central location, beautiful environment, infrastructure and support service offered by the University as they reminisce, learn or connect with the various quality programmes offered.

Networking, outreach and social responsibility have been important to the Centre.  The Centre has links with local, regional and international organizations; its main focus is on high impact academic and institutional partnerships; and the outcome of this is mirrored by the vibrant activities at the Centre like workshops, guest lectures and outreach programmes.

The strength of any academic Centre of excellence lies in its research [see our research interests] and research output. The Centre boats a strong research portfolio [click to view] in the short period of existence.

Its alumni are highly regarded everywhere for their quality. Indeed, the number of students joining the master of arts degree programmed has risen sharply since its inception, drawing students from a wide range of professions and levels of decision making in society.

The above is partly because the Centre has pursued an aggressive internationalization policy on all the programmes as indicated in the list of partners, international students and researchers, which has also increased the visibility of the Centre.

During the past five years the centre has faced some challenges.  However, despite the setbacks, the Centre, together with its partners, remains committed to human rights education and research. as the Centre embarks on another five years, it its sincere hope that it can look forward to your continued support and cooperation. The Centre's wide-ranging programmes like the Common course in human rights, partnerships, attachment, joint research, the Master of Arts degree in human rights [click], internship and capacity building support -create opportunities in HRPE which, I hope will, interest you. Please do not hesitate to contact the Centre on any area of your interest.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest.

Dr. J. B. Ndohvu

Programme Coordinator


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