THE CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE (CHRP) AT PRS: An Educational Centre of Excellence for the Creation of an Inclusive Society that Values and Respects Human Rights and Peace
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Main campus, 3rd Floor,MahatmaGandhi Wing, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.  P.O. Box 30197, 00100; Tel: +254 20 318262 Ext. 28137 Email:                                           

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  1. Brief History of the Centre

  2. Message from the Coordinator

  3. Mandate and Programmes

  4. Contacts

  5. E-Resources (Including catalogues/reference) [also click]

  6. Committees

  7. Research Projects

  8. Teaching Staff/Researchers

  9. Consultancy/Research Areas

  10. Calendar of Activities

  11. Facilities

  12. The Master of Arts in Human Rights Degree Programme (Includes  Current Lecture timetables)

  13. Graduates, research projects and theses

  14. Short Courses

  15. News and Events

  16. Research Affiliates

  17. Publications and Research Output

  18. The University of Nairobi Human Rights Journal

  19. Collaborations and Linkages

  20. Guests

  21. Distinguished Contribution

  22. Gallery

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