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Physical Address: Main Campus, University of Nairobi, 3rd Floor, Mahatma Gandhi building

Contact: Dr. S. I. Akaranga, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Tel. +254 20 318262 Ext 28137



Brief History

The philosophy thematic unit was established in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Nairobi in 1969 as part of the larger Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies under the Chairmanship of Professor Stephen Neil. In its earlier years, the composition of the academic staff was predominantly expatriate, but since the 1980’s, a strong and successful programme of Kenyanization was implemented. The Department continued to grow steadily and was split in 1980 into two separate departments: (i) Department of Philosophy and (ii) Department of Religious Studies. In 2005, the two departments were merged with the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the College of Education and External Studies based at Kikuyu campus to form a current combined Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.


Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision: A respected and internationally acclaimed unit committed to excellence in teaching, research and the development of holistic students and society

Mission: To provide a conducive environment for scholarly articulation of wisdom, beliefs, values and ideals of humanity with a focus on how these may contribute to the quest for a just, peaceful and prosperous world

Core Values:

  • Objectivity and fairness
  • Commitment to human values
  • Quality education
  • Team work and collegiality
  • Professionalism


Head of the Thematic Area

Prof. Joseph Major Nyasani 


Members of Staff

Prof Nyasani, Joseph    

Prof Clement M P Oniang'o  


Prof Odhiambo Jack A 



Prof Monyenye Solomon 



Dr Oriare Nyarwath 


Dr Mbugua Karori




Dr Nyabul Patrick 



Dr Oduor Reginald Moses Juma



Dr J B Ndohvu



Dr Wanyama Joseph Situma




Dr Owakah Francis E A 




Dr Jacinta Mwende Maweu



Dr Muyila Jackson Wafula 



Mr Michael Mwandia



Mr. Kennedy Miencha




Programmes Offered

Certificate in Philosophy 

Diploma in Philosophy

BA in philosophy

Masters in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy  


Service Charter

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The University of Nairobi Philosophy and Religious Studies Newsletter


Annual Report

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Head of Department



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Completed Projects    





Thought and Practice: The Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya



  • The Odera-Oruka Symposium, Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st November, 2013, Goethe auditorium, the German Cultural Center, Nairobi 


Mainstream Consultancy

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Career in Philosophy

Careers in philosophy are diverse/wide-ranging since philosophy gives you the skills most employers want:

The ability to think critically and objectively;  write clearly and effectively;  present your case logically convincingly;  organize material with attention to detail and pleasing style;  analyze issues for constencies and accuracy; ability to detect fallacies and irrelevancies; ability to develop creative solutions to unique problems.

Careers in philosophy include but are not limited to:


  • Management/Administartion
  • Public and social policy drafter
  • Advisory service
  • Lecturing
  • Researcher
  • Public Service