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University of Nairobi Centre for Human Rights and Peace


The Centre for Human Rights and Peace (CHRP), University of Nairobi (UoN), announces:
1. The MA Degree in Human Rights. This is a two-year, evening, self-sponsored postgraduate degree course in human rights education. It is offered at the main campus, UoN;
2. Capacity building support in human rights and peace education (HRPE) such as through targeted short courses;
3. Partnership in various areas in HRPE such as joint conferences, sharing of HRPE data and information;
4.  Collaborative research in HRPE;
5. Consultancy in HRPE;

6. Attachments and exchanges;
7.  Guest/public lectures;

 8. Outreach. Services;

9.  Exchange of HRPE data and information.

History is made as first students graduate at the University of Nairobi on 5th December, 2014 with a Master of Arts Degree in human rights    
From the office of the Programme Coordinator

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Dr. Belisa Itezerote Marochi of the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmo University, Sweden, delivered a guest lecture at the PRS department, Oct. 11, 2013.  The title of the lectrure is:‘Rethinking Inclusion in Participatory Governance: A Claims-based Approach.’ Dr. Marochi specializes in political science, human rights, peace and conflict studies

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