1. Heritage Conservation And Human Rights

2. Chrips,Centre For Human Rights And Policy Studies

3. Globalization Studies Programme

4. Heritage Conservation And Human Rights (hchr), University Of Nairobi.

The Heritage Conservation and Human Rights Network (HCHRN) is based at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Nairobi

 The purpose of this network is to research and disseminate ethical conservation practices that enhance the respect of Human rights and promote heritage conservation. The network seeks to provide a forum for research for those involved in the study and practice of conservation in the fields of cultural and natural heritage.

 HCHR members come from different academic and professional fields including: cultural heritage and nature conservation, history, archaeology, architecture, geography and philosophy.

5. Kenya National Commsiion On Human Rights

6. Norwegian Centre For Human Rights

7. Professor Bard Andreassen, Norwegian Centre For Human Rights

8. Prs Enters Into An Mou With The Universidade Pedagogica Of Maputo, Mozambique

The PRS entered into an MoU with the Universidade Pedagogica University of Maputo, Mozambique.  The Vice Chancellors of the two universities-Universidade Pedagogica and the University of Nairobi signed the MoU.  

The programmes of coopeperation are: research, and student and lecturer exchanges in practical philosophy, African philosophy, democracy, human rights and peace and conflict studies :

 9. Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Nairobi

10. Seeds Of Peace (international Sopa)

11. Seeds Of Peace (international Sopa)

12. Universidade Pedagógica Moçambique



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